Rwanda has established essential One Health policy instruments, including the One Health policy and a strategic plan spanning from 2021 to 2026. These documents outline key priority areas for One Health implementation and inform the development of related technical materials. Oversight for One Health activities in the country falls under the One Health Multisectoral Coordination Mechanism (OH-MCM), led by the Prime Minister's office. Additionally, Rwanda has a One Health Coordination Specialist within the Ministry of Health and a dedicated One Health unit at the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), an implementing agency of the MoH. Recent experiences with multidisciplinary teams responding to COVID-19 and Rift Valley fever outbreaks underscore the importance of adopting One Health principles for holistic health optimization. The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) serves as the local multiplier for the project, led by Anselme Shyaka, hosting a dedicated center for One Health, coordinating research and academic activities, and offering specialized training programs, including a One Health track within its graduate program in Global Health Delivery.

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