In 2010, Kenya inaugurated the Zoonotic Disease Unit as its inter-ministerial coordinating body for One Health, swiftly followed by the country's inaugural One Health Strategic Plan. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, Kenya launched its most recent One Health Strategic Plan for 2021-2025. The One Health office has been instrumental in investigating emerging disease outbreaks and crafting national policies addressing issues such as rabies, brucellosis, and anthrax. However, there's room for improvement in integrating the environmental dimension of One Health.

To expand its reach, the One Health office initiated a decentralization strategy, establishing County One Health Offices. Funding constraints have posed operational limitations. Kenya's oldest university, the University of Nairobi, possesses expertise spanning health, animal health, environment, sociology, and more. Ideally positioned, it serves as a central force in enhancing human capacity for Kenya's One Health agenda, aligning with government efforts and is being led by Salome Bukachi. 

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