The COHESA project set up three domains of focus, One Health governance, One Health education and One Health delivery. The current emphasis is on governance and education cover the 12 COHESA countries. 


Collaborations and Governance

Our focus is on establishing cross-departmental One Health platforms within governments. These platforms engage diverse stakeholders, including researchers, service providers, private sector entities, and civil society representatives. We're committed to enhancing government capacity through training and activities that promote cross-sectoral collaborations. Our efforts extend beyond borders, fostering international knowledge exchange. The goal is to enable countries to learn from each other, collectively addressing One Health challenges in a streamlined manner. Read more


Education and Research

In our pursuit of Education and Research, we actively seek out educational and research institutions poised to deliver impactful One Health education. Our goal is to fortify local secondary, tertiary, and vocational education institutions, ensuring they are well-equipped to offer One Health courses to the next generation of professionals.

Our approach involves benchmarking existing tertiary-level One Health training programs and integrating these benchmarks into relevant courses and modules. Additionally, we collaborate in the development of concise One Health short courses designed for students in higher education and professionals. These initiatives collectively empower educational institutions to effectively deliver both comprehensive and specialized One Health courses. Read more