Globally, organizations like WHO, OIE, and FAO recognize the One Health initiative as a crucial call to action. It fosters professional interactions, collaborations, education, and research within health science and related fields worldwide, including Tanzania. This initiative aims to fortify efforts to enhance the health of people, animals, plants, and the environment. In Tanzania, the One Health Strategic Plan (2015-2020) laid the foundation, subsequently reviewed as OHSP 2022/2027, and is coordinated by the One Health Section, formerly known as the One Health Coordination Desk under the Prime Minister’s Office. Tanzania boasts several One Health-related documents, including the National Action Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance and strategic plans for combating prioritized zoonoses. Furthermore, One Health training modules are available, primarily through AFROHUN and various training institutions. The local multiplier in Tanzania is the Nelson-Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), led by Prof. Gabriel Shirima, with One Health Section under the guidance of Ms. Valentina Sanga.

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