Ethiopia National One Health Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022
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Strategy document

The strategic vision and mission for the National One Health strategy that guides the actions for achieving the
vision have been defined. One Health actors envision “Ethiopia with negligible risks and impacts of endemic,
emerging and re-emerging health threats at the animal-environment-human interface.” Accordingly, the mission,
or fundamental purpose, of the strategy is “to establish sustainable One Health coordination mechanisms at all
levels for multi- disciplinary and multisectoral engagement in the prevention, detection and response to endemic,
emerging and re-emerging health threats at the human, animal and environment interface”. Key identified areas of
focus or pillars of the strategy are Coordination and Collaboration, Preparedness and Response, Surveillance and
Reporting, Policy, Advocacy and Communication, and Research and Capacity Building. Strategic objectives and
activities for each objective were also identified and are presented in this strategic document along with the
monitoring and evaluation framework, resources, and institutional arrangement and leadership.